brz – Paradise (2020)

Continuing his depictions of the existential, brz hits you with the synth and hip-hop tones of ‘Paradise’. Taking you on a journey into the abstract, he weaves his music around love, ego and technology for a strange yet stimulating experience. Using some elements of west coast hip-hop, he fuses it with synth-pop through his collaboration with producer Mylo MU.

The pair offers a distinctive flow fused with a whimsical delivery that tingles across your senses. Following on from his powerful previous releases, the single is a great introduction to his sound for any new listeners. For those who have already fallen under his spell, this is a wonderful next step in an existential journey.

The intoxicating beats of ‘Paradise’ draw you in through the opening. These beats fuse with a swelling smooth flow of almost dreamy tones that breathe over them. The hip-hop beats have a wonderful slide to them as they dynamically dance across the soundscape. The flow of the melody creates a solid yet soft foundation for the lyrics and vocals which are the real stars.

The dreamy flow of music is matched by the whimsical vocal delivery of brz. There is a fun vocal opening at the start of the track with some laughter that sets you into a relaxed soundscape. The electronic edge added to the harmonising vocals enhances the existential feeling of the lyrics. As you ride this vibe, the lyrics take you through claustrophobic feelings and walking around in a daze. The single is relatively short, but there is a lot packed into it through the dynamic melody and emotive vocal performance.

Through ‘Paradise’, brz has you riding waves of existential feelings while tumbling through a dynamic soundscape. The melody dances through your senses for a solid yet gentle flow of hip-hop beats. The synth-pop sensibilities of the vocals merge with a dreamy and whimsical delivery for a unique listening experience.

Find out more about brz on his Twitter, Instagram and Spotify.

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