Camila Knight – Home (2021)

The last year has been an emotional rollercoaster for most people full of duelling uncertainty and relief. Camila Knight has taken all these emotions and carefully woven them into intimate arrangements for her single ‘Home’. Written during the first lockdown, she poured her heart into the music unleashing her fear, uncertainty and gratitude for the little things in life.

The single continues the blending of electronic soundscapes with atmospheric highs that Knight is becoming known for. With honest and empowering lyrics, she crafts a musical world of her own making while effortlessly welcoming listeners into it. With some melodic pop, cinematic sounds and soulful beats, she is able to bring emotions we have all felt to sonic life.

‘Home’ pulls you into an intimate soundscape with the first delicate note. There is a cosy feeling to the music like sitting with friends or loved ones in a blanket fort. There is a candlelight vibe to the music as it fills you with a muted feeling of intimacy. The paced beats that patter through your ears give way to a powerful piano line. The music then explodes into a defiant blast turning the intimate sounds on their head and filling you with an empowering light. There is a lot of hope and strength in the second half of the track that makes you confident for the future.

Knight’s vocals are bolstered by the melodic movement while bringing the emotive lyrics to life. The power of her voice rests low in the intimate opening of the track but you can hear it reaching out on the chorus. After the chorus when the music bursts, her voice joins the more exuberant tones to fly out like it cannot be contained. There is a lot of heart in her performance as it connects with what we have all recently felt. As the music fills you with strength, her voice raises your spirit while shoring up your newly found empowerment.

Camila Knight moves from intimate soundscapes to explosive anthemic tones in the emotive and empowering ‘Home’. The movement of the melody enhances the emotions and story of the lyrics while her voice raises your spirit. The single will leave you feeling confident in the future and ready to face whatever may come.

Find out more about Camila Knight on her website, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Spotify.

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