Carla Stark – C (2021)

Carla Stark is letting loose and allowing her unique voice to shine through the tracks of C. Through the music, she recognises her own musicality and drops any other influences while touching on personal stories and embracing her mother tongue, French. From talking about pain and how she coped with it to the dismay of being in the 21st century and still arguing over what women should wear, the EP encourages us to accept ourselves and move forward.

Stark’s exploration into music started in 2017 with writing and singing. After some singing lessons, joining a theatre group and taking up classes at a theatre school, she released her first album. The quest for love showcased in the album touched on relatable emotions in a way that her latest EP continues.

The EP opens with the track ‘Des Fleurs Sur Ma Peau’ which pulls you in with rippling tones. There is a delicate feeling to the higher levels of the melody while the beat pulses through your senses. Stark’s vocals are like mist hovering over the twinkling waters of a lake. You don’t need to understand French to fall into the music and feel the easiness wash over you. The movement of her voice has you floating down the soundscape while delicate lights ripple across your eyelids.

‘Short Skirt. No Bra.’ has a different feeling to the music with a dancing pulse to the low levels. The beats gets you moving to the rhythm while the lightly chattering high tones add texture to the music. The vocals are a wonderful blend of English and French that adds to the upbeat vibes of the track. There is an almost playful feeling to the vocal performance while the lyrics carry a touch of empowerment for women to not give into what other people think about how they dress. There is a really important message in this track that will give a lot of people the boost they need.

The music takes another turn with ‘Everything I’m Not’ which has a more seductive flow to it. The guitars wrap around you like ribbons before the vocals pull you into the message of the track. The dancing beat of the last track does make an appearance but loses some of the moving vibe. Through the movement of the melody and the vocals, you are filled with a warm flow that is easy to sink into. There is an acceptance in the track that helps you embrace who you are and understand that you can be happy with what you have.

‘Naïve’ brings some RnB flows to the EP through the soulful melody. There is a touch of contemporary tones in the beats that bolster the vocals. Stark’s performance on this track is captivating as she moves from soulful smoothness to flying highs. There is a rather dynamic movement in the lower levels of the melody that brings a richness to the song. As with the last track, there is a thread of self-acceptance in the track and a push to understand who you are.

The EP comes to an end with another French track ‘La Peur Est Humaine’. There is something about the light tones of the opening that grabs your attention and will not let go. Stark’s vocals are gentle touches against your skin while the piano tenderly pushes you forward. As with the opening track, you don’t really need to know French to get the emotional vibes of the track. She will tug at your heartstrings while leading you to something brighter through the vocal performance. This song really lets her vocal prowess shine.

Carla Stark has you riding French and English vocals through different musical styles in C. The EP touches on a number of important topics while filling you with a gentle empowerment and understanding of yourself. While knowing what she is saying is a plus, the emotion she puts into her performances transcends language.

Find out more about Carla Stark on her website, Facebook, Instagram and Spotify.

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