Cem Sari – Zenit (2021)

If you are in the mood for a sonic experience that is unlike any other, you are in for a treat. Cem Sari has unleashed his single ‘Zenit’ which is an avant-garde experiment drawing on indie pop, electronic tones and general weirdness. His interesting vocals are added to an extremely unique soundscape that has you escaping the world for a little while and just giving in to the experience of listening to the track.

As part of his latest release Enigma, the track is a great taster for the experimental tones that he has to offer. A completely self-taught multi-instrumentalist, Sari draws on his experience singing and playing the drums and mixing them with an eclectic electronic style. While quite different to everything else on offer, the single brings a heartfelt sentiment that is wonderfully easy to connect with.

‘Zenit’ grabs your attention with a seriously interesting opening that jitters down your senses. The melody pop, pulses and vibrates through your ears with an almost understated energy. You can’t help but move around to the music as it grabs your shoulders and has them bopping to the sound. There are a lot of layers of sound to the melody that come in waves to enhance the unique movement of the track. There is a touch of familiar movement to certain parts of the melody, but this is all tossed into the great melting pot of the soundscape to turn into something new. It really is like nothing else that you might be listening to right now.

While the melody has you falling into a world of unique tones, the vocals are there to give you a shove into the soundscape. There are no real lyrics but Sari wields his vocals like an instrument that shines across the soundscape. The roll of his performance is engaging even without any lyrical flow. While there is a lack of clear story to the vocals, there is a feeling like they are communicating with something deep in your soul. The slight bark of higher vocals is another interesting addition to the track.

Cem Sari fills your ears with a truly unique sound that pop, pulses, jitters and rolls through your senses in the avant-garde ‘Zenit’. The layers of melodic elements form a melting pot of sound turning the familiar into the weirdly unique. His vocals engage your sense even without any discernible lyrical flow.

Find out more about Cem Sari on his website, Facebook, Instagram and Spotify.

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