Chase Bennett – Toxic (ft. Cole Bennett) (2022)

Proving he is not to be pigeon-holed, singer-songwriter Chase Bennett is always looking to transcend the boundaries of genres. Described by Global Money World Blog as having a commanding and engaging presence, the US-based musician effortlessly hypnotises audiences. Yet, audiences are not the only ones having their heads turned. To date, he has been featured in Rising Artists Blog, Havoc Underground, Motion News, and various online radio stations/podcasts. The latest addition to his critically acclaimed discography is ‘Toxic’.

His first single of 2022, ‘Toxic’ sees Bennett move from hip-hop to a pop-punk style. Finding a line between Linkin Park, Fall Out Boy and Sum 41, ‘Toxic’ is upbeat and toe-tapping; however, the buoyancy of the track is contrasted with the melancholic content of the single. Bennett explains that the single is “about being over where you’re at in life. The stress of everything weighing on your brain while you try to be happy and continue on.” Profound and, unfortunately, highly relatable in today’s society.

Truly stepping outside of his comfort zone, ‘Toxic’ has a hard-hitting intensity to it. Touching on elements of frustration, angst and inner turmoil, Chase Bennett explores human fragility in the powerful track. Joined by Cole Bennett, there is a harmonic blend of male vocals, but despite the harmony, there is a strong sense of vulnerability in its execution. Using a personal narrative, Bennett adds brutal honesty to the already evocative single.

Filled with sincerity, sentimentality and raw introspection, ‘Toxic’ is an anthemic salute to the stressful reality that we call life.

In addition to the single, Bennett released an official lyric video for ‘Toxic’. You can view it below or on his YouTube channel.

For more from Chase Bennett, check out his Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Spotify.

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