Chelsey Coy – Tidal Wave (2021)

Emotions often come in waves that you can’t seem to hold back. While this is great when dealing with positive emotions, it is the negative ones that cause a lot of problems. Fortunately, Chelsey Coy is here to help anyone struggling with overwhelming emotions and the mental health issues they create. Her single ‘Tidal Wave’ touches on struggling with depression and overcoming the waves of emotions that seem insurmountable.

Coy teams up with Pete White (piano) for this rather therapeutic single. The pair met through a mutual friend in 2018 when Coy recorded vocals for their friend’s song and White handled the production. Since then, Coy knew she wanted to create a single with him and this dark pop-inspired single came to life.

The soft piano line that opens ‘Tidal Wave’ lulls you into a sense of ease and floating peace. This starts to turn as the opening progresses with the piano line getting a slightly ominous undertone. As the chorus crashes against your ears, you are hit with the tidal wave of emotion that forms the basis of the track. The sensation of the music is wonderful at this point as it smashes against the rocks like the waves of the ocean. The melody gets a paced feeling as the song progresses that has your heart beating a bit faster. The melodic arrangement is amazing as it creates the sensation of being overwhelmed by emotion.

As your emotions rise and fall with the melody, Coy’s vocals bring some context to what you are feeling. Through the lyrics, she encapsulates the mentality that accompanies overwhelming emotions. The constant thoughts of moving forward only to go further back are picked up before you twirl into a rush of thoughts that you can’t grab onto. Her performance is as enthralling as the music as she has your spirit soaring with the power of her voice. On the chorus, her voice matches the crash of instrumentation for a stormy ocean extravaganza.

With ‘Tidal Wave’, Chelsey Coy captures the rise and fall of emotion before they crash against your senses in an overwhelming wave. The melody is enthralling as it builds to the crash of the chorus and gets your heart beating faster. Her vocals are powerful as they soar across the waves and crash through your chest like the ocean’s tide.

Find out more about Chelsey Coy on her Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Spotify.

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