Chloe Hepburn – Never Asked for This (2021)

Chloe Hepburn is taking real-life experiences and turning them into catchy modern pop music. Her EP Never Asked for This, draws on fractured relationships and fighting with self-confidence while subtly touching on retro sounds. With a modern pop sound and splashes of 80s electronic pop, she brings the struggles of everyday life to sonic glory while letting you have a blast as you listen.

Since her musical debut in 2019, her music has been catching the attention of indie playlist curators. Her distinct vocals set to the backdrop of minimalist melodies creates an intimate, authentic and raw feeling to her songs. While this EP is garnering a fair amount of attention, Hepburn is already hard at work on new material.

The title track ‘Never Asked for This’ opens the EP and introduces you to a fusion of 80s synths and alternative pop. The soft waves of the synths bring a richness to the song that is a wonderful contrast to the more modern beats. There is a paced feeling to the beats while the synths are chilled and more leisurely. Hepburn’s vocals bring another edge of modernity to the music as works through trying to pinpoint why you are drawn to someone. Through the lyrics, she puts a confusion over the connection that many people have felt to words.

‘Nothing U Can Do!’ has a different vibe to the opening track as the dee droning tones in the low levels a darker feeling. This feeling is sent running by the higher tones and slapping beats that enter with the chorus. The melody has a dynamic arrangement that moves through a lot of different sections that match the movement of emotions we all go through. While you float along the melody, the lyrics have a reassurance in them that is a little unhealthy. While the lyrics acknowledge that the sentiments in them border obsession they have a weird sweetness to them as well.

The EP comes to a popping and tapping conclusion with ‘Reciprocation’. There is a light feeling to the music that instantly has you smiling as you imagine lights glinting against your eyelids. The lyrics are a pleasant change to the last track as they call for reciprocation of their emotions. There is a hit of realising your own self-worth in the song while understanding that you have been the one giving everything in the relationship. This is a great way to close the EP as it leaves you on a healthier platform.

Chloe Hepburn takes you on an emotional journey through the tracks of Never Asked for This. With some retro vibes in modern pop sensibilities, she takes you from feeling a connection with someone to an unhealthy obsession and a realisation of self-worth. While there are some dark times in the track, you do end the EP with a healthier outlook on the relationship it details.

Find out more about Chloe Hepburn on her Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Spotify.

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