Chris Ah Gee – It’s About Time (2021)

Chris Ah Gee is bringing some soulful growls to funk-based rap with his single ‘It’s About Time’. The first track from his upcoming futuristic neo-soul album, it highlights his vocals acrobatics. Shifting from playful rap to sleek pop-soul, he has you feeling motivated to chase your dreams and go forth with a positive mindset.

His first single in 6 years, the track brings a new edge to the crooning of old-school soul. The album began in the midst of the pandemic with Chris Ah Gee confined to his home. When lockdowns relaxed, he moved from his bedroom to Yama Nui Recording Studio where the single truly came to life.

The light bubble and wash of electronic tones that opens ‘It’s About Time’ sets a really soulful mood for the track. When the deep beats enter they take the flow of the track in a different direction with your head bopping to them. While this happens, the light tones of the opening remain in the background and take over when the vocals swing for a soulful flow. There is a great mixing of tones and styles in the melody that bring an exciting modern edge to the soulful sensibilities of the track. You are pulled into an RnB flow that gets a burst of energy and vibrancy.

While you move to the awesomely mixed melody, the vocals really showcase what Chris Ah Gee has to offer. The rap that opens the track has a touch of funk to it that brings a pulsing energy to the soundscape. His voice then smoothly swings into a neo-soul melodic flow. On the chorus, he pushes positive energy into your veins and fills you with a sense of motivation. It is well worth listening to the lyrics as they consider the negativity in the world and why we should all move beyond it. As the song progresses, you can’t help but feel good about life and firm in your ability to chase your own dreams.

Chris Ah Gee brings a new edge to neo-soul while pumping positivity and motivation into your veins with ‘It’s About Time’. The melody mixes neo-soul with modern sensibilities to bring a unique edge to the sound. His vocals move from engaging rap to smooth soulful flows that really highlight his vocal prowess.

Find out more about Chris Ah Gee on his Facebook, Instagram and Spotify.

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