College Elite – Stupid Questions (2020)

If All Time Low were to have a lovechild with Mayday Parade the chances are College Elite would be it. After releasing his critically acclaimed debut single ‘Disaster’ earlier this year, singer-songwriter Joshua William became one of the more exciting emerging acts from Manchester. Being a new fish in a large ocean, College Elite might be lost in the waves; however, his fusion of pop-punk with pop-rock and grunge makes this English artist worth a second look. With a reputation for honest and authentic material, William is capturing the attention of audiences across the globe – and he has only two songs to his name! The latest release is his sophomore single ‘Stupid Questions’.

Following the indie-rock single ‘Disaster’, William shows his versatility as an artist by leaning toward the pop-punk sound of the early 2000s. Unlike the pounding drums in ‘Disaster’, William slows down with a stripped-back ballad with basic guitars and simple drumbeat closer to the end of the track. Beautifully layered, William adds rough, brusque vocals over the instrumentation to really encapsulate the raw genuineness of ‘Stupid Questions’.

Described by William as his most autobiographical song to date, ‘Stupid Questions’ is an insightful exploration of the challenges faced by young adults in modern society. I am not talking about pouring too much milk into the cereal bowl or dealing with greasy hair – although he does sing about this as a small problem in the track. No, I am talking about those life-changing and all-consuming difficulties like questioning where your life is heading and is that what you really want?

Everyone thinks the questions they are asking could be construed as “stupid”, but the truth is there are no stupid questions. How do we learn without asking all types of questions? With simplicity, sentimentality and a trembling sensibility, Joshua William pours out his heart in a beguiling way. In my opinion, ‘Stupid Questions’ is not simply a song, it is a heartfelt anthem for people lost in confusion.

For more from College Elite check out his Twitter, Instagram and Spotify.

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