Conversion Therapy – Loser (2021)

It’s always thrilling to come across new artists and Conversion Therapy is another new band to add to our list of favourites. Inspired by artists like My Chemical Romance, Green Day and Blink 182, the Norway-based trio fuse elements of emo and pop-punk into their genre-defying sound. Breaking boundaries and traversing genres, Jørn Hagalid (vocals), Liam Knott (bass) and Kristoffer Andreas Johnson (drums) are taking on issues of sexuality, ethnicity, isolation and public perception in their music. The debut single from the trio is ‘Loser’.

Not afraid to look at controversial issues, Hagalid and his crew touch on aggression, societal expectations, sexuality, isolation and inner conflict with their pop-punk single ‘Loser’. Using his personal experiences as a gay man in the 21st century, Hagalid “aims to show the world you shouldn’t be limited by what other people think of you” with heartfelt lyricism. The personal narrative is exceptionally engaging as Hagalid’s rich tone captivates you with his soul-stirring poetry.

While the trap meets hip-hop execution of the lyrics adds to the painfulness and desperation in ‘Loser’, the melody complements the message with the interesting musical arrangement. Combining pounding drums with dynamic guitars, Conversion Therapy lays the foundation for a tender but hard-hitting song. The crescendos from simplistic instrumentation to catchy choruses and heavy riffs showcases the trio’s innovativeness, eclecticism and profound thoughtfulness in their sound.

Highly reminiscent of Good Charlotte, ‘Loser’ is beguiling, provocative and evocative. While I do compare Conversion Therapy to pop-rock/pop-punk icons of yesteryear, I feel confident that their intriguing sound will see them standing out among the rest. This is a band to watch and not be pigeon-holed.

Side note: ‘Loser’ is one of the singles off their upcoming four-track EP to be released in late May.

For more from Conversion Therapy check out their Facebook, Instagram and Spotify.

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