Daisy Cools – First Aid Kit (2022)

We all have fears and phobias that can strike at the most inopportune time. This is something that Daisy Cools has personal experience with and forms the basis of her single ‘First Aid Kit’. While touching on fearful feelings and the creeping dread of a phobia, the summery tones of the track bring an optimism that lets you know everything will be okay.

Written with a personal anecdote at its heart, the single brings chill and breezy vibes to consider the fears and phobias that we all have. Accompanied by Joeri Rook (guitar), Ocki Klootwijk (bass) and Jan van Nieuwenhuize (drums), Cools brings a hit of soft rock to indie folk for this single. After coming together in 2014 to make music, the band is gearing up for their new project, which is an album in four language versions.

‘First Aid Kit’ has a really chilled soft rock vibe to the opening that makes you think of a day spent relaxing at the beach. The light twang of the guitars brings warmth to the sound that is ruffled by the movement of the drums. The overall summery feel of the track is easy to sink into, while the rather chilled vibes bring a touch of optimism. As you listen to the melody, you can’t help but feel that nothing can go wrong even as the vocals detail an experience of fear and phobias. The contrast between the lyrics and the melodic vibe is wonderful and brings a strange interplay to the track. By the end of the track, you are going to feel like everything will be okay, even though you have faced something that you are undeniably scared of.

The chilled summery vibes of the music flows through to Cools’ vocal performance. Her voice is a tender touch against your skin, bringing a folky edge to the track. The lyrics paint a different picture as they drop you into the personal anecdote that forms the heart of the single. The scene is painted by the lyrics on the verses and leads you to the panic of the chorus. The emotional flow of the single is a unique hit because the melody has you calmed and relaxed, while the tale of the lyrics can easily get your heart racing in panic and fear.

To bring the single to visual life, Cools has collaborated with Levien Lodders and Marco Lodders for the official music video. The video is set in the countryside, which brings the relaxed vibes of the melody to visual glory. While you are treated to the beauty of the country, there is a cautionary touch that comes with the warning tape in certain scenes. Overall, the music video enhances the chilled and relaxed vibes of the track while soothing the fear of the lyrics.

Daisy Cools uses a personal anecdote to confront fears and phobias with a summery and chilled vibe in the relaxing tones of ‘First Aid Kit’. The interplay between the lyrics and the chilled feeling of the music and vocal delivery helps to soothe the panic and fear that facing a phobia can bring. The accompanying music video enhances the relaxed vibes of the music through the beautiful country imagery.

Find out more about Daisy Cools on her website, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Spotify.

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