Daragh – Blissfully Blue (2021)

With a reputation for melodic guitars and engaging lyrics, Norwegian singer-songwriter Daragh is an original, unique and mildly eclectic musician. Well known for his songwriting and guitar skills in indie band Company Ink, Daragh already has a strong following, particularly in his home country of Norway. Now, he has chosen to spread his sound as a solo artist. Featured in YMX, Ringerikes Blad and various radio stations, this artist is turning heads on an international scale. The latest addition to his discography is ‘Blissfully Blue’.

Following his childhood dream of being a musician (he started learning various instruments and using his bedroom as a studio at age 9), Daragh has moved from band guitarist to solo artist. The third single off his upcoming debut EP Young and Stupid, ‘Blissfully Blue’ is a powerful nod to indie-rock. Reminiscent of Oasis and The Verve, but with a strong distinctive edge of his own, the track plunges you into a steady river of water with its calming tone.

Combining dynamic guitars with a strong drumming foundation, ‘Blissfully Blue’ has a harmonic tone meeting the concept of the track – to “reflect on what has been”. What I particularly enjoy is the crescendo in the instrumentation with hard-hitting guitar riffs and a catchy chorus. Yet, while there is this heavy, edgy movement, the track remains relatively simplistic with a charming harmony between melody and vocals.

Described by Daragh as “when you wake up on a Sunday morning with no plans and plenty of time to reflect…it can make you happy, but it can also make you very sad, ‘Blissfully Blue’ is an introspective song with melancholic tinges. A somewhat haunting single with surreal ambiences, the track has an ethereal nostalgia that is both jovial and desperately disappointing. Basically, it’s a song that plays with your emotions in a tranquil tone.

So, what do I think? In my opinion, ‘Blissfully Blue’ is a song I can have on repeat without tiring of it. It’s easily played as background music to a summer’s day or those tracks that have you pondering stuff afterwards. I cannot wait for more from this talented artist!

For more from Daragh, check out his Facebook, Instagram and Spotify.

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