December Fades – Sunrise (2021)

There are a lot of love songs out there but each seems to hit in its own way and ‘Sunrise’ is no exception. Through the sound of this single, December Fades uses unique soundscapes to capture the gratitude of loving someone and the longing for that person when they are not around. This is woven into a feeling of living in the moment and enjoying the time together while hoping for another day filled with this emotion.

This dive into emotion was not the product of a fast creative process as it took Kevin Rogers, the man behind the music, years to finalise. The time and energy packed into the track creates a magical experience that captures the musicality and passion he has for what he does. Drawing on his experience as a songwriter, multi-instrumentalist and engineer, he captures familiar elements and weaves them into something wonderfully unique.

‘Sunrise’ softly makes its way into your senses with the gentle rays of light reaching over the horizon. The deep beats quiver in your chest while the lighter melodic tones sparkle through your brain. There is such a peaceful feeling to the melody that you can’t help but feel a smile tugging at the edges of your lips. You are also filled with a deep affection through the soundscape that makes you want to reach out to your loved ones. The movement of the melody has you thinking of early mornings spent with people you love as you bask in each other’s presence and soak in their energy.

The loving feeling of the melody is enhanced by the vocals that breathe across the soundscape in the opening. Rogers’ voice breathes and whispers through you like that chill in the early morning that reinvigorates. This gives way to a warmth on the chorus as he pleas for another day packed with these positive emotions. It is an amazingly emotive performance that is expressive while tender and touching. As you listen to him, you want to sway with the person you love and just sink into each other.

December Fades fills you with the warmth of affection and the plea for positive emotions to continue in ‘Sunrise’. There is no way to listen to this single and not feel the warmth of love and the urge to be around someone you care about. The tender melody is matched by the emotive vocals that sink into your soul and fill you with the peace of love.

Find out more about December Fades on his website, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Spotify.

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