Detention – 56 Minutes (2021)

With heavy pulsing grooves and textured guitars, Detention has you lost in a frenetic wave of energy in ’56 Minutes’. A full-out blast of high-energy sound, the teens making up the band come at you with excitement and fun. With a pure sense of enjoyment, they make you go a little crazy with a sound that is larger than life and bigger than their ages make you think them capable of.

This frantic blast of punk-rock comes from Fritz Dannemiller (bass), Luke Konopka (drums), Elliott Carter (vocals) and Evans Cox (guitar). Mashing a collection of rock influences from Green Day to Foo Fighters, they hit out with a touch of teenage angst and the humour of having to grow up. Infectious and engaging, their music is an absolute blast to listen to.

’56 Minutes’ draws you in with a twanging bass that has your head moving before they blast you with shivering guitars. The melody is packed with high-octane energy that shivers through your chest and makes you want to jump around like a mad person. There is an amazing tight arrangement to the music that rivals some of the stalwarts of rock while filling you with vibrant youth. The music runs through your veins like electricity and there is really no way for you to not move around to it.

Carter’s vocals bring some teenage angst to your ears through the lyrics. The vocal performance is as engaging as the music as her voice is wielding like another instrument. Her enthralling performance brings the lyrics to a colourful life as she fills you with the emotions of the track. There is a delightful touch of pure teenage frustration that is so relatable. This is bounced off a subtle understanding of the way the world works and an acceptance that comes with growing up.

Detention has you bouncing off the walls with the energy of ’56 Minutes’ as you get lost in their high-octane vibe. The tight arrangement of the melody belies the age of the band while pulsing vibrant energy into your soul. The vocals are all teenage frustration with a touch of something that is undeniably youthful and utterly enjoyable.

Find out more about Detention on their website, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Spotify.

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