Devin World – My Heaven (2020)

My Heaven by Devin World is a three-track EP full of dark and moody pop songs that you can still dance to. The combination of heavy lyrics with dreamy soundscapes is amazing and you might find that you can’t get enough of it. Each track on the album explores a different aspect of life from feeling unhappy while surrounded by people to wishing to see someone you love but are unable to.

The album was written, recorded and produced by Vincent Medina, the PhD student behind Devin World. He did this while juggling his studies and Twitch affiliation. He has been part of a number of bands over the years and committed to this solo project last year.

The EP opens with ‘Cherish’, a track exploring the feeling of unhappiness while surrounded by the pretty lights and big crowds of New York City. The melody throws you into the soundscape of the city through the rolling notes. You can almost imagine the city lights in the night as crowds of people move past you. Medina’s vocals have a dreamy haziness to them that adds this sense of disconnect with your surroundings.

‘Desire’ has a faster pace as it draws on inspiration from 80s post-punk bands. You can hear this influence in the melody and the darker vocals. Where Medina’s vocals were hazy in the last song, they take a harder and darker edge on this track. Through his performance, you can feel a sense of yearning. The depth of the sound makes you think of those emotions that hit you late at night just as you are about to go to sleep.

The EP closes with ‘Love’ which is packed full of lyrical imagery. The lighter tone to the melody has a different type of yearning compared to the last song. Through this track, you are filled with a wistfulness and longing to see someone you are unable to. There is a touch of surf rock to this track as the soundscape acts like waves gently lapping on the beach.

Devin World uses a range of sounds, meaningful lyrics and instrumentation to take you on the dark and moody journey of My Heaven. The EP packs a lot into the three tracks and showcases his musicality through the diverse sounds. Each track is unique and offers new insight into life.

Find out more about Devin World on his website, Twitter, Instagram and Spotify.

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