D’Lemor – Shine (2020)

Music and poetry often meet either lyrically or thematically. This is what happened when D’Lemor created her debut single ‘Shine’. Based on a poem she wrote, the single considers the millions of people who struggle and hopes to ease their load a little. Infused with love, kindness, forgiveness and joy, it allows you to connect with your own emotions and work through them in a positive way.

Drawing on her own struggles and strength to overcome, D’Lemor is looking to heal with her music. While she poured her heart into design for many years, music has always lingered in the background. With this single, she is setting the tone for her musical healing as it is the first off her upcoming debut album.

‘Shine’ has a progressive opening that slowly leads you into the song. There is a sense of poetry in the melody that combines well with the balladic lyrics. The strings in the melody create a haunting line that sweeps through your soul. This lightly rests against the lower levels of the melody before the twinkling notes enter. The chorus has this swell of music that bolsters the emotions of the lyrics. There are a lot of emotions packed into each line of the melody that has you soaring into her beautiful soundscape.

D’Lemor’s vocals are delicate as they weave her lyrical poetry into the melody. Her voice has a lot of power that comes into its own for the chorus that takes your hand and has you soaring into the sky. Through her performance, you are filled with the emotions of the lyrics and a sense that things can be better. As you listen to the song, you are also filled with the sense that you can do something to help ease the load others carry.

D’Lemor touches your soul with her hauntingly beautiful debut balladic single ‘Shine’. Based on a poem she wrote, the song weaves emotional hits into a smooth soundscape that has you soaring and feeling like you can do more for the world.

Find out more about D’Lemor on her website, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Spotify.

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