Dom The Composer – Butterflies (2021)

Influenced by the sounds of John Legend and Nat King Cole, US-based singer-songwriter Dom The Composer merges jazz, soul and R&B in his unique music. The brainchild of Dominik R. Hyppolite, Dom The Composer technically took form during his junior high school years, but it was in 2019 that he released his debut single ‘If I Believe’. Since then, his audience has grown building a reputation for soulful, soothing and engaging sounds. The latest addition to his discography is ‘Butterflies’.

Following his single ‘Three/One’, ‘Butterflies’ is another demonstration of Dom’s soulful sound. Showing a reminiscence to Stevie Wonder and John Legend, the young artist taps into the more moving part of a person’s soul. In fact, we might call him a representative of 70s/80s jazz and R&B in the 21st Century. What I find particularly intriguing is how he uses simplistic instrumentation to create a cinematic soundscape. It is as if you are dipped into a flowing river of colourful music encased in a comfortable blanket to carry you along.

Known for his inspiring and intimate style, Dom The Composer touches on vulnerabilities and insecurities in a way that seem safe. Inspired by a long-standing crush on a girl, Dom explores the feeling of “butterflies in your tummy” and its overall effect on the human soul. Using a personal narrative, but retaining a conceptual stance, he engages with listeners reaching them on a deeper level in the grittiness of love. Yet, while ‘Butterflies’ can be construed as a love song, Dom shares that it “…is a love song that’s trying not to be a love song. It wants to be genuine so it tries to avoid tropes that love songs have. In the end, whether its intentions are true and pure, another love song has been added to the pool.”

So, what do I think of ‘Butterflies’? As a fan of the jazz/funk/blues genre, I quite love the track. It is rich, bold and inspired without being too overwhelming. The headline single from his first professional studio album, ‘Butterflies’ is something I can have on repeat for hours or days on end. I can’t wait to see what else Dom The Composer has for us!

For more from Dom The Composer check out his Facebook, Instagram and Spotify.

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