Dulcie Taylor – Easy For You (2020)

Dulcie Taylor is reworking and reimagining her poignant love songs on her EP Reimagined. ‘Easy For You (Remix)’ is one of the tracks off the EP and combines her warm storytelling with new melodic textures. Adding a new life to the single, the prolific artist takes you on a new journey even if you already know the song.

With a catalogue of seven albums and multiple awards, Taylor is no newcomer to the musical world. Alongside her long-time collaborator George Nauful, she is breathing new life into her insightful look into love and relationships. If you are not already a fan of her work, the reimagining of her works will get you hooked.

‘Easy For You’ twangs to life with a soaring guitar line in the background and a stable country-style line in the foreground. The movement of the melody has a wonderful alt-country vibe to it. There is a gentle flow that picks up close to the chorus. The music draws you into the emotions of the track with that soaring riff add a little something to the song. It is a very easy melody that makes you think of the sun warming your skin even as it sinks below the horizon.

The country vibes are bolstered by Taylor’s vocals. There is a lot of power in her performance as she takes you through the ups and downs of the lyrics. Her voice has this thread that draws you into the story and does not let go. As she works through the emotions of the song, you are filled with warmth from her voice. This can be at odds with the lyrics at times but is so captivating that you get a little lost in her performance.

Dulcie Taylor hits you with some alt-country vibes for the easy yet sad single ‘Easy For You’. The reworked single has a wonderful flowing melody that combines rock and country in the best possible way. Her vocals are captivating as they draw you into the emotions of the lyrics and envelope you in her sound.

Find out more about Dulcie Taylor on her website, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Spotify.

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