Eleri Ward – Mess (2021)

Making bad decisions is commonly linked with ensuing guilt, but should this really be the case? This is what Eleri Ward is questioning in her single ‘Mess’. Through a reclamation of a lack of control, chaos and being in disarray, she wonders if being a mess is something that can be celebrated. With a fierce tone, she unapologetically embraces not having your life together and revels in the mess that we create for ourselves.

Built on a foundation of melodic layers and textures, the single makes you want to bop to the beat and sing along. While Ward is inspired by many different genres and sounds, the root of her music is storytelling lyrics. Blending sounds over captivating lyrics, she creates a style that has you lost in her tones.

‘Mess’ draws you in with Ward’s delicate vocals. Her voice is soothing and soft as she acknowledges that she has caused a bit of a mess. The easy flow of her performance gets a sultry tone as the chorus hits. While there is a softness to her performance, the chaotic nature of being a mess does come through. This is very subtly done through the lyrics while Ward’s vocals are all smoothness. Resting in this smooth flow is a fierce and fiery spark that fills you with an embrace of who you are whether stable or a mess.

Beneath the subtle movements of the vocals rests an equally nuanced melody. The soft tones that open the single slide into a more seductive vibe. The clicking tones that flutter over the layered melody add this interesting edge to the sound. When the chorus hits, there are paced shuffling beats that add a hint of chaos to the melody and bolster the power of the vocals. Each element in the melody adds a new texture to the song while enhancing the overall movement.

Eleri Ward embraces the chaotic nature that many people have and is unapologetic about this in the aptly titled ‘Mess’. The single takes a nuanced approach to fierce acceptance of oneself with delicate vocals and layered melodics. The soft movement of the melody insinuates itself into your brain helping you accept who you are.

Find out more about Eleri Ward on her website, Facebook, Instagram, Tik Tok and Spotify.

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