Erick Beau – What It Takes (2021)

Erick Beau is delving into some up-tempo tones for the feel-good summer song ‘What It Takes’. Teaming up with some of Nashville’s top session musicians, he indulges in playfulness and teasing through the call and response of the track. As his playful vocals call out, they are answered by teasing female vocals that question if he really has what it takes.

The single comes from his long-awaited debut EP and shows the passion of an artist who has bided his time in expressing himself through his music. While Beau is a lawyer by trade, in his heart, he has always been a singer-songwriter and this is finally blossoming for everyone to hear. The culmination of years of work, his music brings the dynamic tones of Hubert Payne on drums and percussion to the soul and class of his arrangements.

‘What It Takes’ fills you with summer vibes from the first humming tone. The music has a great warmth to it that makes you think of sunny days with a gentle breeze cooling you off. The easy pace of the melody lets you float on the waves of good vibes while you listen to the vocals. The harmonica is absolutely wonderful while the twanging notes of the guitar have you swaying to their rhythm.

Beau’s voice calls out through the warmth of the melody to continue the good vibes of the music. You can hear the playful tug in his performance. This makes you smile as you almost imagine him relaying the lyrics to you with a soft shoulder bump. The female vocals that answer his playful flow have a pleasant teasing quality like friends gently needling each other. Together they form a really fun track that is so easy to listen to.

Erick Beau has you smiling while feeling the warm good vibes of his music in ‘What It Takes’. From the first note of the song to the very last, you are washed with summer warmth and playful energy. The light and teasing vocals bring an additional layer of happiness to the song while you feel the ease of being with friends woven through it.

Find out more about Erick Beau on his website, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Spotify.

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