Ethan Wanderi – Love (2021)

There are many different types of love from romantic to platonic. Ethan Wanderi is capturing all of them in his encompassing single ‘Love’. Exploring what love means, he breaks away from the usual love pop songs for a journey away from the romanticism of everyday life. With a touch of experimentalism, he hits us with his thoughts on love.

While Wanderi had never written a pop song before, he has taken the basic structures and expanded on them beautifully. Having only started recording and releasing music since the pandemic hit, he shows an uncanny ability to engage listeners. Helping you discover and explore your feelings and the concept of love, he has you sinking into his sound before you realise what has happened.

‘Love’ pulses against your ears with some really engaging tones. There is a really groovy vibe to the melody that makes you want to sway and shimmy to the music. The almost jazzy beats are wonderful as they roll under the higher electronic tones. This merges into a dreamy chorus that is all pastel colours and softness. The movement of the melody is on the experimental side but there is a solid foundation resting in the low levels. This allows the experimental tones to capture your imagination while the foundation has you moving to something a little familiar.

Wanderi’s vocals continue the experimental vibes of the melody. There is a melodic flow to his performance that edges the borders of dream-pop while skimming the surface of jazz and neo-soul. On the chorus, his performance takes a sparkling turn that makes you think about light glinting off rippling water. His dynamic performance draws you into his consideration of love and the expanding feeling love brings. It is a really engaging single that you can listen to again and again while finding something new to like with each play.

Ethan Wanderi uses an experimental approach with a solid pop foundation to consider all types of ‘Love’. The single uses dynamic vocals and experimental melodics to draw you in and set you floating on pastel clouds. With a touch of groovy jazz and dream-pop, Wanderi has you lost in his sound.

Find out more about Ethan Wanderi on his website, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Spotify.

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