Ettie – Hello, I’ve Got Anxiety (2020)

Ettie is a young singer-songwriter from London who combines her unique sound with a background in English Literature. The result is an immersive sonic experience where a play on words brings her songs to life. Her third single ‘Hello, I’ve Got Anxiety’ was written during lockdown and produced remotely.

She wanted to write a song that provided the soundtrack to anxiety and, hopefully, open a dialogue around mental health. The track turns inward and portrays how anxiety sounds to her. She moves away from the usual songs about mental health that are either awfully tragic or super positive.

‘Hello, I’ve Got Anxiety’ wastes no time introducing you to Ettie’s vocals. She is calm yet sombre in her delivery of the lyrics. This a softer turn from her usual pop-punk style, but it matches the message of the song perfectly. Her performance is emotive and you can hear how personal this song is to her. The emotional performance helps you connect with the track whether you suffer from anxiety or not.

The lyrics of the track paint a realistic picture of living with anxiety and coping mechanisms. The melody of this song is a bare-bones affair that sets a steady background for Ettie to get through. There are haunting notes throughout the track that come and go which coincide with the lyrics.

Ettie takes a realistic approach to anxiety and how it makes you feel in ‘Hello, I’ve Got Anxiety’. This track is different from what she has previously released but offers a calmer and more sombre side of her. It also showcases her vocal abilities through an emotive performance.

Find out more about Ettie on her Facebook, Instagram and Spotify.

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