Faded Shades – Second Guessing (2021)

Faded Shades tell the story of a love turned sour in their single ‘Second Guessing’. With a stomping rock tone, they hit out with a bang while drawing you into their tale of love and woe. Bringing a touch of vulnerability to the downward spiral of a relationship, they get you excited for their new music and return to the stage.

While their debut was recorded at home, they have taken to a professional studio for their second album singles. Joe (vocals, guitar), Liam (bass) and Charlie (drums) have also released an acoustic B-side version of their latest single which is drawing the ears of fans new and old. With a refreshing interpretation of modern rock, the band has you excited for what they have to offer.

‘Second Guessing’ slowly builds in the opening with a solid rock melody. The guitars sweep through you and catch you in their flow. They effectively snatchy you up and have your feet skimming the beats resting below them. These beats are a stomp and jump that is really engaging. The movement to the melody has you grooving to the single but does not detract from the vocals which are the real star of the show.

Joe’s vocals have a classic rock feeling to them as they call out through the soundscape. The lyrics pull you into the story of love and the steady souring that comes before a breakup. His performance has a vulnerable edge to the questioning tones that tugs at your heart. The emotional impact of his vocals is enhanced by the melody as they twin together and flow through your senses. While the single is a tale of love turning, the vulnerability of these moments is edged by frustration over what is happening.

Faded Shades tells the vulnerable and slightly frustrated tale of love souring through the rock tones of ‘Second Guessing’. With a guitar line that picks you up and skims the stomping beats, the melody has you hooked from start to end. The vocals offer an emotive tale of love turning sour and the various emotions this brings.

Find out more about Faded Shades on their Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Spotify.

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