Family Mart – Starlite (2020)

If you are looking for a song that offers something new while still giving you a taste of the 90s, Family Mart has you covered. Their new single ‘Starlite’ combines twee, indie-pop and shoegaze to light the night sky with their soundscape. Their genre combination creates a unique sound that is, at the same time, vaguely familiar.

This new band consists of Mike Lee (vocals, guitar), Daniel Hawkins (bass) and Daniel Schmidt (drums). Together the trio is setting up for an EP release early next year and is itching to get back to the live music scene. To whet your appetite for their sound, this song is a great introduction to their music.

‘Starlite’ hits you with thumping drums and a driving guitar line from the first second. You are thrust into their soundscape with the opening before things take a slower turn. The melody on the verses has a softness to it that gives way to a more paced sound as the song continues. There are a few layers to the soundscape that work together to propel you through the music and connect you to the lyrics.

Lee’s vocals are like a whispered conversation lightly floating against your senses. His performance has you lightly soaring through a star-filled sky. The combination of his performance and the melody creates an easy listening experience that offers enough pace to really get you into things. The song is so engaging that you will be taken by surprise when it abruptly ends leaving you wanting to listen to it again and again.

Family Mart uses a genre combination to hook you to their sound with the catchy and engaging ‘Starlite’. The song uses a multi-layered melody with a soft whispered vocal performance to inundate you with their soundscape.

Find out more about Family Mart on their Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Spotify.

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