Fans Interview Bands: I’m No Chessman

Once again, we hand the reins over to the fans and let you ask the questions! Targeting UK alternative rockers, I’m No Chessman, here are their answers to the top ten fan questions in our Fans Interview Bands feature. Enjoy!

FANS: What is your favourite toothpaste brand?

INC: Colgate and Kingfisher.

FANS: What advice would you give to a person starting a band?

INC: Number one is to try and reduce your ego. Form the best connections you possibly can to work as a band. Don’t take things personally.

Number two is to keep challenging yourself. It’s very easy to keep doing what you enjoy and you find easy to do, but it’s much better to introduce yourself to new obstacles to progress in any business.

FANS: How did you come up with your band name?

INC: Very boring, I’m afraid. The original four members couldn’t agree on any name for six months into being created. Some members wanted something silly, others wanted something serious. The members asked an ex-band member to write 30 names, out of those all members agreed on ‘I’m No Chessman’.

FANS: Did you have any other band names in mind?

INC: I honestly can’t remember now; there were names we all suggested, and then the 30 we were given. I think ‘Where’s Johnny?’ was a contender. Johnny was the name of our drummer and had the tenancy to just wander off, so when soundcheck or something would be happening we would often ask each other ‘where’s Johnny’. I think that was my favourite.

FANS: People say people from England like tea. Do you like tea or coffee?

INC: Three members are all coffee drinkers. Jason, our pianist, drinks mainly green tea. I don’t think any of us drink that much tea, but I could be wrong.

FANS: Would you like to meet the Queen?

INC: I believe all of us haven’t ever really had much interest in the royal family, but I feel it be rude to say no if they asked.

FANS: What is the most exciting part of being in a band?

INC: We all have our different areas; making the music in the studio and seeing the music coming to life is my personal favourite. I know other members would most likely pick performing over that.

FANS: Would any of you do a solo album?

INC: We all kind of have other projects we’re working on. Aaron Roberts is also the bassist on the ukulele band Plastic Jeezus, which is doing well. Both Michael and Jason are working on their solo stuff through 2019.

FANS: How did I’m No Chessman come together?

INC: Michael and Jason became school friends when they were aged 14 and found they both liked the same music. This was in 2002, so bands like Blink, Foo Fighters, NOFX, and Muse were massive where the alternative music scene was mainstream.

Jason had just started learning guitar but had played the piano since the age of 6, and Mike was just starting guitar lessons as well. The first band that was created was Platypus. Jason left as he started getting into filming and video production.

The band changed roles a little and re-branded as A Flaming Florence; this was the start of Michael Rockett finding his sound. They played for about three years, and then ‘Johnny’ joined as the drummer (who was the original member of I’m No Chessman)

Eventually, two members were leaving town to move to do bigger things. Jason joined on piano on the last farewell gig. Jason and Michael started writing music again, and in 2017, we gained two new members, Jez Lee became our new drummer, and Sam Cockwell was our bassist for a short time. We recorded our second EP, but then Sam needed to leave to raise her family. We met Aaron near the end of 2017 and have been working on the band since.

FANS: If you could visit any country, which country would it be?

INC:  I think we all like the idea of going to America; not sure where yet. A few of us are dream travellers, so I’m sure there aren’t many limits to where we would all go if we could.

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