Temperature Falls – Don’t Think I’m Shallow (2020)

Camilla (vocalist) and Ian Ward (multi-instrumentalist) are the Norwegian duo behind Temperature Falls. In the two years since the band’s inception, they have been working hard and releasing music that pulls you into their hypnotic world of feelings. Their latest release ‘Don’t Think I’m Shallow’ layers trip-hop over a foundation of alternative rock.

Through these layers, the song looks at the complexities of the breakdown of a relationship. The single is a taster of their true sound before their second album is released later this year. The lush music is relatable and perfectly placed in the immense soundscape of the band’s musical canvas.

‘Don’t Think I’m Shallow’ hits you with some deep trip-hop beats from the first second. These engaging beats drive you through the song and form the foundation of the song’s soundscape. While the verses are all electronic pop and trip-hop, the chorus is crashing alternative rock beats that create this wonderful swing. The synths of the track are ever-present and create a light distortion over everything that is strangely fun to hear.

While the melody is driving and does not let up for a second, the vocals cut through you. Camilla’s performance is an additional layer to this song that rises and falls with the crashing melody. At times she is angelic in her delivery and this turns into a crashing almost angry tone. It is a very interesting interplay between the melody and vocals that weave together to create a complex tapestry of sounds.

Temperature Falls have found their sound with the angelic yet crashing ‘Don’t Think I’m Shallow’. The song finds the perfect balance between distorting synths, trip-hop, alternative rock and delicate vocals.

Find out more about Temperature Falls on their website, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Spotify.

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