Fia Nyxx – AEIOU (2022)

Filled to the brim with sassiness and sensuality, US-based Fia Nyxx takes on the music scene with her theatrical rockstar attitude. Transcending numerous genres ranging from jazz to contemporary pop, the industry veteran connects with audiences across the board. Reputed for her storytelling prowess, the beautiful songstress has toured the United States and Asia, released a well-received debut album in 2018, worked with renowned musical professionals including Lance Bendiksen, Will McFarlane and Brian Malouf. Alongside all that awesomeness, Fia Nyxx has graced press including Sinusoidal Music, Stitched Sound, We Write About Music, Buzz Music, Billboard Magazine and various radio stations. The latest addition to her discography is ‘AEIOU’.

Following her single ‘Gemini’ (read our review here), Fia Nyxx leans toward the R&B, soul and pop sounds of the 1990s – think somewhere between Whitney Houston, Mariah Carey and Toni Braxton, but with the certain contemporary je ne sais quois. Synth-laden with strong basslines and keyboards, the melodic arrangement slides along a kaleidoscopic soundscape dripping in sensual beats. Listening to this track is like falling into a sonic waterfall with the harmonies as a splash of water across your face.

The first single of 2022 but also the final single from her upcoming album Red Umbrella, ‘AEIOU’ is “a song about sexual liberation…all climaxing to a sensuous delight”. The breathy, hushed vocals tantalise her listeners with a vixen-like energy underlying the intimate execution. Effortless, sexy and sensational, Fia Nyxx continues to captivate me with her desperately desirable music.

In addition to the single, Fia Nxyy released an official music video for the track ‘AEIOU’. Bursting with temptation, this is something to make you grin and push a message of sexual liberation as a female. You can view the video below or on her YouTube channel.

For more from Fia Nyxx, check out her official website, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Spotify.

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