Fleur Lion – Lion Claw (2022)

Fleur Lion continues to bring a balance of fragility and strength through the immersive tones of her single ‘Lion Claw’. Experimental yet lush, the single drives through you with powerful synths, only to shimmer with the sparkles of contemporary hyper-pop. Above the rich textures of the melody, Fleur Lion’s amazing storytelling lyrics shine through her evocative vocal delivery.

The single furthers the juxtaposition that has been a characteristic of her music since her first release. Using catchy melodies and mesmerising styles, she reveals a vulnerable side that is covered in steely strength. Through her music, she offers listeners the knowledge that they have the strength to shake off the negative words of others and truly believe in themselves.

‘Lion Claw’ has a dramatic feeling to the opening as the vocals bring a lush feeling to the single. Her performance is powerful, with a touch of crooning evocativeness that turns into a pop movement on the chorus. The smooth richness of the verses rises into a movement that has you bouncing to the layered pop tones of the chorus. The lyrics are packed with empowering strength that fills your chest and has you standing taller as you face the world. You may feel the urge to turn the volume up as you listen to the chorus and feel the power of Fleur Lion’s strength solidify in your bones. While she brings this strength to your senses, she also opens up about the vulnerabilities we all have, but lets us know that this actually makes us stronger.

While the vocals are powerful and packed with empowerment, the melody brings an immersive and mesmerising touch to the track. Beneath the rich opening is an equally rich and lush melodic movement that has a velveteen feeling to it. The click of the melody adds texture to the richness, before the synths pulse and bring their dance vibes with them. The chorus is packed with hyper-pop tones that are softened by the rich instrumentation. Through the music, she brings the juxtaposition of softness and strength to sonic glory, while the vocals flow with their power overhead. As the single progresses, there is a shimmer of electronic tones that sparkle before dropping for the richness of the vocals to take over.

Fleur Lion fills you with empowerment and strength through the powerful vocals of ‘Lion Claw’, while layering rich melodics and hyper-pop dance vibes. From the first moment, her vocals capture your attention and start to fill you with the rich empowerment of the track. Below her performance, the melody is equally rich before bringing a dance vibe to the chorus.

Find out more about Fleur Lion on her website, Instagram and Spotify.

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