Fossway – Grey Cloud (2020)

Hailing from Newcastle, Daniel Mason (guitar and vocals), John Lennox (bass and vocals) and Harry Lowery (drums) fuse alt-rock with post-punk to develop a unique style of music. Building on a highly successful 2019, including a debut album and performing alongside the likes of We Are Scientists, Fossway recently released their new single ‘Grey Cloud’.

‘Grey Cloud’ may not be Fossway’s first single, but it is definitely their most sophisticated to date. Progressing from the raw and energetic debut single ‘Paradise’ in 2018, ‘Grey Cloud’ demonstrates a maturation as individuals and a group. Frontman Daniel Mason describes the new song as proof that Fossway can take their already-established sound and push it even further by incorporating more prominent rock bands.

This is not to say that Fossway’s music is less energetic than before; it merely shows a greater clarity and confidence. In ‘Grey Cloud’, Mason takes you on a journey through a track that both eliminates the complexity of the song while demonstrating an intricacy in composition and performance.

Ever conscious of societal expectations and its impact on individuals, Fossway delves into their personal experiences in ‘Grey Cloud’. Mason reveals that ‘Grey Cloud’ stems from feelings of being detached from one’s body and feeling lost in the process.

“In my case, I experienced this due to stress and anxiety to the point of genuinely feeling as if my body was not my own and was not ‘me’. In broader terms, there is a theme of social isolation feeling that you don’t fit in and that others don’t understand you.” – Daniel Mason on ‘Grey Cloud’

Moving away from the dominant indie-rock sounds of the previous decade, Fossway channel their inner rockers fusing The Stooges, The Smashing Pumpkins and some Pixies. Having the song on repeat to the point where I can sing it in the shower, I highly recommend ‘Grey Cloud’ for pretty much everyone. I can’t wait to see what else this band has in the works.

For more from Fossway check out their Spotify, Twitter, Facebook and Instagram.

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