Frank Bramble ft Hanwell & Kyle Horne – Fall to Flames (2022)

Frank Bramble has teamed up with Hanwell and Kyle Horne for the retrospective introspection of ‘Fall to Flames’. Through the single, they merge lo-fi, hip-hop rhythms and indie pop-rock tones as they consider how the pandemic affected all our lives. With a passionate expression of their thoughts, they take us through a retrospective glance at the photo album of our lives, reliving all the changes we have recently faced.

While the single combines the styles of each artist, there is a heavy touch of Bramble’s signature tone woven into the track. Close friends who have strong musical chemistry, they are on a pioneering adventure to create a new genre that they refer to as indie-hop. This track is a great introduction for listeners to this new sound, while highlighting the best elements of each artist’s individual style.

‘Fall to Flames’ has a lo-fi vibe through the opening, with the vocables from Horne. There is a light hip-hop flow under his vocalisations that slide with a rich almost RnB sound. The richness of the melody has you floating in the soundscape while the deep beats have you moving forward. The tones that jitter over Horne’s vocalisations add a roughness to the smooth sound. It is a really captivating sound that draws you into its current, pulling you endlessly down the river of sound. Through the arrangement, you can hear the influences of different genres that come together for something that is utterly unique. Woven into the melody is a reflective vibe that has you focussing on what the vocals have to say. The light tones that glint into the melody in the last moments of the track add more texture to the single.

While the melody pulls you into the current of the single, Bramble’s vocals are a subdued confession through the opening verse. Through the honest lyrics, he reflects on emotions and the struggles that many people face. This flows into the chorus that calls for us all to reflect on memories while understanding that things will never be the same. There is a melancholic edge to his performance as he considers how things have changed. The lyrics are packed with an emotive honesty that is so easy to relate to.

Frank Bramble teams up with Hanwell and Kyle Horne for a reflective and emotive look at how things have changed in ‘Fall to Flames’. The melody is an enthralling mixture of pop, lo-fi and hip-hop that brings a unique sound to the single. Bramble’s vocals have a wonderful honesty to them as he delves into introspection, reflection and melancholy.

Find out more about Frank Bramble on his website, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Spotify.

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