Frog – Whatever We Probably Already Had It (2018)

press shot of the band frog
Image credit to Alex Coppola

Frog is an alternative rock band from Queens, NY.  Their new album Whatever We Probably Already Had It is out on November 30th.  Their 2018 Kings Of Blah documentary film is out now.

The track ‘American’ starts with a nice little beat and guitar riffs.  The vocals are great, and the lyrics are hilarious and fun.  It gets quite heavy during the chorus, and it is very catchy.  The track ‘‘Something To Hide’ starts with brilliant vocals; it’s about a relationship which the person they are referring to has something to hide, she’s having an affair.  It’s got excellent guitar work, a great chorus and bass line.  The drums are nice and heavy.

The track ‘God Once Loved A Woman’ starts with very gentle guitar riffs and the vocals are also soft; it sounds very peaceful, then at 1:33 a heavy drum beat starts.  It’s a very catchy song, it’s about love, but not all is good in the relationship.  The track ends with an eerie keyboard sound.

The track ‘Gimme Your Number’ starts with a voice saying ‘and again’, then whistling starts with a bass line in the background.  Some finger clicking and a keyboard sound; it’s a short and extremely eerie song.  The track ‘Journey To The Restroom’ begins with guitar riffs and vocals, then a beat kicks in.  It’s very catchy from the very start, has a good beat, is quite heavy and the vocals are great.

The track ‘Bones’ starts with guitar riffs, the vocals kick in and are great.  It’s a very soft and catchy song with a very American sound, which is absolutely amazing – the lyrics sound very heartfelt.  The track ‘Don’t Tell Me Where You’re Going’ starts with a beat then the vocals start, it’s about being in a relationship where the person is unfaithful; he doesn’t want her to tell him where she’s going because it hurts him too much.  The guitar riffs are amazing, the vocals are brilliant, and the bass and drums are outstanding.  It’s a great song; it has a piano in the background too which is very catchy.

Overall, the album is definitely amazing.  It has a very American-rock sound, which is always great and addictive.  The album is out on November 30th, 2018.

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