From Orion – No Matter (2021)

Ranging from surreal bedroom-pop to indie-rock with a hip-hop undertone, From Orion is breaking boundaries with their refreshing sound. The collaborative effort of music professionals BradFromOrion and Kristophorian, the duo offers listeners a “musical message whilst creating synchronised visual art”. Adding layers upon layers of sonic and visual dimensions, From Orion has a unique style. Featured on RGM, Irie Daily, YMX and online streaming platforms, the band is reaching people on an international scale. One of the latest additions to their repertoire is the single ‘No Matter’.

Following the well-received ‘The Watcher’ and ‘Space Oceans’, ‘No Matter’ is From Orion’s first single in 2021. Four years in the making, the track has an evolutionary sound demonstrating their progress as artists. Not only that but ‘No Matter’ showcases their innovativeness and versatility adopting a more “urban” feel than the previous synth-based and rock-influenced releases.

What I find interesting about From Orion is their textured melodies adding several dimensions to the tune. Using organic and synthetic instrumentation in their music, the lads find a balance between…well, organic and synthetic approaches. It shows how easily diverse styles can co-exist in a sonic experience.

‘No Matter’ may be one of From Orion’s more intriguing and compelling songs. The effortless merging of contemporary rap with synth-pop introduces an original sound speaking to all types of audiences. A steady tone exists as an underlying foundation to the melody giving a head-bopping and toe-tapping vibe. Yet, it is the vocal execution that adds poignancy to the single.

A simplistic song in certain ways, ‘No Matter’ stands out without too many bells and whistles. Meaningful and jovial, but without any over-excited buoyancy, the track has a seemingly melancholic feel but is actually filled with empowerment, loyalty and hopefulness…at least, that’s how I see it. It’s infectious and beguiling so you’ll definitely have this on repeat.

For more from From Orion check out their Twitter, Instagram and Spotify.

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