Fuchsia City – Jump (2021)

Fuchsia City is combining their uniquely bright sound with the idea of falling for someone in ‘Jump’. With a carefree feeling to the music, they explore taking the leap and giving in to your emotions for the person. Bringing nostalgic tones, nerdy references and upbeat vibes, they have you bouncing to their sound while riding good childhood memories.

Mason and Charles met at an open mic night and decided to combine their musical talents to create a new genre they call nerd pop. With Mason’s experience writing chiptunes and Charles’ classical piano training, they are producing a style of music that you won’t really hear anywhere else. While distinct and unique, there are some retro tones that offer a hint of familiarity.

‘Jump’ pulls you in with a warble of neon lights before making you want to bounce to the beat. There is an infectious feeling to the beats that have you bopping to the music and having a great time. The synths make you want to let loose and just have a great time dancing around the room. While there is a steady electronic pop sound to the music, there is an undertone of dance that wiggles into your muscles and has them hopping about. Woven into this infectious sound is a retro vibe that makes you think of old Nintendo games and having fun with friends.

When the vocals hit, you get another burst of retro vibes and bouncing energy. The vocal performance has a wonderful dancing feeling to it that makes you smile as you shimmy around. There is a smoothness to the delivery that brings a sense of carefree freedom and happiness that comes with falling in love. The chorus is really catchy and you are going to find yourself singing along or at least shouting with the repetition of the song’s title.

Fuchsia City has you bouncing off the walls with their new style of pop in ‘Jump’. While the music has you bouncing around, the vocals are smooth as they encourage you to fall with a carefree spirit. Every aspect of the single brings a brightness that you can’t help but give into.

Find out more about Fuchsia City on their website, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Spotify.

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