Gaby Duboisjoli – J’veux Des Frissons (2021)

Gaby Duboisjoli is able to pack a lot into just over three and a half minutes with her single ‘J’veux Des Frissons’. The bilingual single brings atmospheric electronic movements to the frenzy of dance only to dive deep into ethereal tones. While the sheer number of musical elements and movements could be overwhelming, it is a testament to her musicality that the single captivates and flows with a stunning sense of ease.

While Duboisjoli has honed her skills over the years from piano lessons and solos in the choir, her ability to blend sonic elements is second to none. When she moved from a rural French village to London, her music senses exploded and this can be felt in the diversity present in her sound. Through this single, she puts a poem by Sylvie Helly and sets it to engaging music.

‘J’veux Des Frissons’ uses a hypnotic atmospheric tone to pull you into the track. This almost ambient tone has you closing your eyes and giving in to the meditative flow. As the single progresses, the beat rises through the atmosphere and has you bouncing to it. The build-up to the dance tones is gentle and organic. It is quite euphoric as the atmospherics give way to an almost clap of tones and bursts of horns. The dance edge of the middle section is addictive and has you moving before you realise what has happened. This all drops for a slightly whimsical tone that allows the lush vocals to swirl with ethereal beauty.

It is not only the melody that moves through different feelings with ease but the vocals as well. The French lyrics open the track with a poignant tone that makes you listen whether you know the language or not. There is a light overlapping of vocals that helps the build to the dance tones. As the dance tones hit, the vocals swing to English which further bolsters the changes of the track. When the music drops, the vocals pick up an airy and otherworldly feeling as they float like pastel mists through your senses.

Gaby Duboisjoli draws you into the hypnotic tones of ‘J’veux Des Frissons’ before moving organically into dance and ethereal flows. The single is a masterpiece of differing elements coming together to form a captivating track. The ambient opening leads to moving dance tones before dropping to ethereal flows while the vocals move from French to English and back in the most captivating way.

Find out more about Gaby Duboisjoli on her website, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Spotify.

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