Gavin Fox – Lay Down Low (2022)

Described by Hot Press as “one of the most compelling new singer-songwriters on these shores…”, Ireland-based Gavin Fox brings the masses a unique and insatiable sound. Taking his talent for storytelling and sharing it through song, Fox creates evocative singles that speak to listeners on a deeper level. While he is a relatively new artist starting his musical career in 2020, Fox is by no means a shy violet. Featured on Hot Press, Latin Post, Find No Enemy, Curious For Music, Sinusoidal Music and various radio stations, this artist is gathering a following on an international scale. The latest addition to Fox’s critically acclaimed repertoire is ‘Lay Down Low’.

Following his three-track EP On Second Thoughts, Fox combines elements of folk and indie-rock in his single ‘Lay Down Low’. While the track is minimalistic and simplistic in its acoustic arrangement, the melodic arrangement is by no means basic or boring. Combining guitars, piano, percussion and his rough vocals, Fox carries you away on a glistening sonic river. Elegantly lapping at your soul with his harmonious instrumentation, ‘Lay Down Low’ is both fiery and calm in its sound.

While the melody is entertaining and captivates a listener, it is the lyricism that showcases Fox’s depth. Fox explains that ‘Lay Down Low’ is about the effect of negative emotions and how this can hold a person back. Instead of submitting to it, he pushes one to break through the darkness and take on the world – know that you are worth it. ‘Lay Down Low’ is the bright light at the end of the tunnel with Fox’s voice guiding you in its rich warmth.

“It’s sort of about discovery. I spent a long time in my head with my own thoughts, at times with fear and anxiety. But then I experience a kind of awakening…I met my true self for the first time and decided I wasn’t going to listen to negative thoughts anymore…This song is about rebelling against that, fear and anxiety, and not being afraid to be loud about it. It’s about being yourself.” – Gavin Fox on ‘Lay Down Low’

In addition to the single, Gavin Fox released a music video for ‘Lay Down Low’. You can view the video below or on his official YouTube channel.

For more from Gavin Fox check out his Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Spotify.

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