Golden Richards – C’mon C’mon (The Makeout Song) (2021)

Golden Richards filled our ears with happy and cheery tones through their single ‘Honey West Kung Fu’. With the melodic guitar tones of ‘C’mon C’mon (The Makeout Song)’, they consider seeing the one who got away and wanting to get back together. With a summer vibe, the track has a fun feeling that makes it an infectious addition to a road trip playlist.

Invoking the feeling of rushing down the road with the car’s top down, the big hooks and harmonies of the single border on the anthemic. Combining the energy of each member, they create music that makes you want to turn the volume up. If you are looking for the next addition to your road trip playlist, this is the one for you.

‘C’mon C’mon (The Makeout Song)’ hits you with a wonderful summer vibe with a touch of surf rock thrown in. The guitars have your head bopping to the rhythm while you feel the warm rays of the sun through the melody. While the music has a slightly retro vibe to it, there is a modern edge to it that has been masterfully included. There is a non-stop feeling to the melody as it rushes through your senses. As you listen, you are going to want to turn the volume up and blast the track for everyone to get into the good vibes. While there is a lot going on in the melody, particularly when each instrument gets a chance to shine, this all comes together wonderfully.

As you get into the vibes of the music, the vocals hit you with the story of the track. Through the lyrics, you can easily see the story play out and you get into the feelings of the moment. The vocals have a youthful energy that is quite playful and enhances the lightness of the song. There is no way to listen to this song and not feel light. The switch in vocals in the latter parts of the track brings a new edge to the song while adding a little something to the tale of the lyrics.

Golden Richards have you embracing the warmth and fun of summer while filling you with the urge to turn up the volume in ‘C’mon C’mon (The Makeout Song)’. Every aspect of the single is a blast with a fun and youthful energy. There is no way you can listen to this single and not feel the need to move to the rhythm while turning up the volume and singing along.

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