Gordon Taggart – Be The Ones (2020)

Hailing from South Manchester, but currently residing in London, Gordon Taggart is a UK-based singer-songwriter bringing his own style of rock to the masses. Think blues-rock meets contemporary pop-rock and you might have some idea of what Gordon Taggart is all about. I have a spectacular modern rock similarity sticking in my head, but hell if I can remember it. Doesn’t really matter though because Taggart stands out in a crowd. His debut single is ‘Be The Ones’.

After languishing as a demo track on a four-track machine, ‘Be The Ones’ has been years in the making, but Taggart finally got the single out there. Melodic and charming with a certain degree of enthusiastic buoyancy, ‘Be The Ones’ combines elements of soul, funk, blues and indie-rock. The work shows a maturity which seems beyond Taggart’s years, but when you consider his previous experiences as a singer and actor on some of the world’s most prestigious stages, it makes sense that this debut single has some skill behind it. In fact, this single shows collaboration with guitarist Tony Kubik, bassist Jon Clements and drummer Brad Brunsdon before being mixed and mastered by William Robertson (Frank Turner) and Pete Maher (U2/The Rolling Stones) respectively.

Having been born from romance, ‘Be The Ones’ touches on feelings of optimism, hope, adventure and joy. Taggart uses witty, engaging lyricism matched by moving instrumentation to create a sonic swirl of sincerity, honesty and sentimentality.

For more from Gordon Taggart check out his Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and Spotify.

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