Hotel California – Keep The Fire Burning (2021)

Bringing traditional folk to modern-day society, Hotel California is the personification of smooth folk-y. Yet, while there is a soothing element to Daniel Green’s music, the playfulness possibly places it more in the Americana genre – then again, I don’t like to label things. In fact, it is near impossible to categorise Hotel California with his unique and eclectic style. So, what can be said with fact about this artist?

Firstly, Hotel California is a solo project by singer-songwriter Daniel Green. Next, Green is based in Northern Europe. Next, he has a reputation for heartwarming and endearing songs earning him loyal followers across the globe. Finally, he lives for music; in his own words, “my life exists within music”. Alright, so there is more to the man behind the name but we only have so many paragraphs to work with.

Green has been featured on The Other Side Reviews a few times, but we are not the only ones who have had their head turned. A powerful stage presence has seen Hotel California on the bill for Vans Warped Tour and Budapest’s Sziget Festival. Moreover, Hotel California has featured on several podcasts/online radio stations and notable blogs like Edgar Allan Poets and Nexus Music Blog. The latest addition to his critically acclaimed repertoire is ‘Keep The Fire Burning’.

Following the soulful single ‘Soothe My Soul’ (read our review here), Green showcases his innovativeness by adding a rock edge to ‘Keep The Fire Burning’. Merging the sounds of The Eagles and Paul Simon with undertones of America, the new single is heavier than previous releases. Guitar-driven with steady drums, ‘Keep The Fire Burning’ has a traditional 70s rock feel, however, there is an intensity that distinctive to this artist.

Inspired by the act of having an amorous affair, ‘Keep The Fire Burning’ is about keeping the proverbial fire burning. Touching on elements of lust, debauchery, yearning, and a hunger for love, the song is filled with unbridled desire which is enhanced with the upbeat, buoyant tune. Toe-tapping and quite infectious, the cheerful melody aligns with the gut-wrenching lyricism. It’s difficult to not start swaying to this stirring tune.

While the melody in itself inspires passion, it is Green’s bold vocals that add robustness to ‘Keep The Fire Burning’. Highly impassioned with an unyielding craving, the dulcet tones add sexiness to the already intriguing track. As Green puts it, the affair is with “someone who makes me feel more alive than I ever felt before in my life”. All I can say is ‘Keep The Fire Burning’ will make all of us feel more alive than ever before.

For more from Hotel California check out his Facebook, Twitter and Spotify.

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