Howlite – Stranger (2020)

Hailing from Melbourne, Howlite is captivating listeners with their elegantly crafted cinematic dreamscapes. The band, consisting of Alison Thom, Benjamin JR Botting, Andrew Moscatelli and Lyle Jenkins, marry pop songwriting with trip-hop to create their unique sound. Their striking new single ‘Stranger’ builds on the foundations of their previous singles and is the final track from their upcoming EP Not Here.

The song was written by Thom as a reflection on her relationship with her mother as a teenager. The track takes on some heavy topics with a core of teenage petty rebellion and angst. There is a reflection from her present self that throws the entire song into reflective introspection.

‘Stranger’ hooks you with an all-encompassing choral opening. This leads to deep trip-hop beats that drive through you. The beats form a solid foundation for the floating vocals. It also provides the angst at the heart of the track.

Thom’s vocals on the track float like a mist above the solid beats of the song. There is a brooding quality to her smooth and engaging vocals that work as a counterpoint to the choral opening. The lyrics of the track work well with her vocal tones. There is an interesting dynamic between the different elements of the song that works to create an unbelievable single.

Howlite captivates you with the dynamic and striking ‘Stranger’. The track grabs you with an ethereal choral opening and keeps you hooked with Thom’s brooding vocals and its interplay with the deep beat. You will get so into this song that you will be shocked when it comes to an end.

Find out more about Howlite on their website, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Spotify.

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