Human History – Reborn (2020)

Hailing from South Shields, Robert Murray has taken on the moniker Human History for his solo career. Having previously fronted bands Spies in Limbo and The Prison Library, he never set out to be a solo artist but admits that all roads led to this moment. His third single ‘Reborn’ was an ambitious project as he wrote, recorded, mixed and mastered it alone then made his own music video.

The song looks at the feeling of being reborn and the power this has. It also looks at how this power works with a new romantic connection and whether romantic love can be selfless. Using his unique blend of alternative rock, Murray leads you wonderfully through this interesting topic.

‘Reborn’ gets you into the mood with this wonderful piano opening combined with a fun beat. The foot-tapping beat continues throughout the song keeping you engaged. The melody has these moments of build-up leading you to crashing harmonisations and a chorus that is entirely too catchy.

Murray’s vocals are a gentle layer that weaves perfectly with the melody. The harmonisations on the song are a joy to hear because they almost act as an additional instrument. They create this crescendo of airy and ethereal tones that you can’t get enough of. They also help to drive the lyrics of the track. Lyrically, the song is relatable without being too literal.

Human History takes you on a journey of emotional discovery in ‘Reborn’. The song looks at an interesting topic through driving beats, captivating piano lines and catchy vocals.

Find out more about Human History on his Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Spotify.

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