Irene Conti – The World In Front Of Me (2019)

While Irene Conti has been performing as a classical guitarist for most of her life, she is able to sweep you into a new reality with her voice. You might remember Conti from her popular 2011 YouTube cover of Adele’s ‘Somebody Like You’. She released her first EP What Makes Us Human in 2014 and was touring London for Caffe Nero and Westfield London in 2016.

Since these accomplishments, she has been writing and refining her latest EP The World in Front of Me. Released in October 2019 and produced by BBC Folk Award Winner Ben Walker, this album is a showcase of everything we love about Irene Conti. The powerful use of instruments blends wonderfully with Conti’s smooth and clear voice.

The thread throughout the EP is the melancholy, hope and disillusionment of a life lived behind a window, looking through it. ‘Full of Life’ is the first track and sets the tone while gently introducing the common thread. The soft guitar and Conti’s dulcet voice help you imagine looking through a window on a rainy day.

‘Hey Man’, the second track, brings a different look at the rushed world we live in. The acoustics of the track continue the soft melody from ‘Full of Life’, but the lyrics cast true disillusionment on the fast-paced life in London. The mellow guitar in the background segue into ‘More Than You Can Dream’.

The third track continues the tone of the EP at a slightly faster pace. The lilting melody of the song highlights the clarity of Conti’s voice while staying true to the rest of the EP. The cello in the background adds a depth to the track while lifting the lyrics.

The title track ‘The World in Front of Me’ brings the theme home. The instrumental opening grabs you and easing you into the story the song sets out. While bringing the theme to the fore, this track also rounds off the EP to leave you wanting more.

The fifth track is an alternate version of track two ‘Hey Man’. This version offers a bit more beat without any increase in tempo. Both versions keep you listening and I can’t choose a favourite.

The last song on the EP is an alternate version to one of Conti’s earlier releases ‘Colors of My Life’. While this is an earlier track, it easily fits into The World in Front of Me and leaves you with a sense of hope that brighter days can come.

Disillusionment is something that we all feel at one point and Irene Conti has been able to put these feelings into words. The World in Front of Me is a melodic look at the world and leaves you smiling knowing that after the storm, tears will always dry.

Find out more about Irene Conti on her website, Twitter, Spotify and Instagram.

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