Javier Carrillo – No Sorrow (2021)

There are times when the world seems to be steeped in hopelessness and there appears to be o reason to push back. In these times, Javier Carrillo is there for us with his single ‘No Sorrow’. A track that is all about keeping hope intact and standing up to fight back even when people tell us there is no point. With a mellow vibe meeting an energetic rhythm, Carrillo helps us find that space inside that gives us the strength to carry on.

Working with Dublin producer and BIMM tutor Tully Gunn, they capture us in the dreamy yet upbeat movements of the track. The blended tones of this track are a wonderful introduction to the intricacies of Carrillo’s sound which blends alternative rock with dreamy tones. A powerful performer, he has honed his skills over the years to create tracks that softly draw you in before washing over you with a punchy introspection.

‘No Sorrow’ uses a layered approach to grab your attention with the light vocals and deep pulse of beats catching your ears. The deep beat tones have a softness to their edges as they vibrate through your chest and get your toes tapping to their rhythm. As the single progresses, the layering takes over the melody with a light and dreamy guitar line dance over bopping beats. It is a really easy melody that picks you up and settles you on soft clouds. The atmospheric flows are so mellow that you feel your chest opening and good vibes riding into your soul.

Carrillo’s vocals are airy from the start but carry a poignant emotional thread that wraps around the mellow vibes of the music. Through his performance, he offers a sense of understanding of what you are feeling. As you are comforted by the understanding that you are not alone, he slowly and carefully builds a wall of strength within you. There is a great introspective feeling to the lyrics that are picked up by the vocals and turned into an airy yet engaging delivery. His voice meets the melody like it is an old friend and they fly into the stratosphere while picking you up for the ride.

Javier Carrillo has you floating on dreamy clouds while his vocals bring a mellow introspection that builds strength inside your chest in ‘No Sorrow’. The music is a layering of deep yet soft beats and dreamy guitars. The vocals add to the mellow vibes while carrying a powerful emotive line.

Find out more about Javier Carrillo on his website, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Spotify.

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