Jiminil – Spider (2021)

Wrapping folk music in a blanket of psychedelia, UK-based Jiminial has a rather unique sound. A bit of a melting pot when it comes to influences, including Van Halen and Joni Mitchell, the group embraces eclecticism with open arms. Receiving coverage from Various Small Flames, Glide, American Pancake and Amazing Radio, Jiminil is reaching audiences on an international level. While a rather new group, not much is known about them but they are by no means hiding in the corner. We have the pleasure of reviewing their debut single ‘Spider’.

Recorded at Summerhouse Recording Studios in Nottingham, producer Cameron Warne collaborated with Tom Rees (mixing) and Eddie Al-Shakarchi (mastering) to release ‘Spider’. Beautifully textured, the track incorporates strong folk sentiments with almost post-punk psychedelia. The easiest way to describe the melody is a flowing, soothing acid trip but without the acid.

While the melody has you entranced, each band member adds some flair. A harmonic arrangement of drums, bass, guitars and even a cello showcase Jiminil’s innovativeness; however, it is Jim’s vocals that add a husky element. Soft and languid, but with a gritty intensity, Jim’s dulcet tones merge effortlessly with the tune. The hushed vocals seem to hide beneath the gossamer web of psychedelia but have prominence in a poignant way. Introspective and intriguing, Jiminil’s debut single ‘Spider’ ensnares your senses with its infectious style.

“‘Spider’ is a song about discovering yourself in a social or political landscape that your ignorance or tolerance has been complicit in creating, and the disillusionment that follows which, in turn, finds you further alienated from where you find yourself. Sometimes your apathy can allow the cobwebs to take up all the corners and through a blase indifference, the spiders can take over the house…” – Jiminil on ‘Spider’

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