Kaysha Louvain – Summer Lovers (2021)

A summer love affair can be thrilling but only when both parties are on the same page. In the appropriately titled ‘Summer Lovers’, Kaysha Louvain tells the story of a special connection over summer. Seemingly falling in love, the couple comes to a startling realisation as the season comes to an end. Using relatable lyrics and her knack for storytelling, Louvain has you lost in the tale.

Drawing on some country influences, Louvain slips in a touch of rock and pop. The single has been on the back burner since 2019 and is the first off her upcoming album. Working with Jimmy Harris, she fills you with a thirst for life while wanting to play the single as you hit the road for a summer of fun.

‘Summer Lovers’ thrums against your ears with something that is intrinsically summery. This picks up into a wonderful flow of warm rays and sunny skies. The melody is a delicate merging of soft rock and light country twangs. It forms the perfect foundation for the story detailed in the lyrics as it creates a road to ride down. On the chorus, there is an increase in the instrumentation that makes you think about waves crashing against the beach and the wind whipping through your hair. The guitar solo later in the track has a touch of sadness to it that wraps around a strange resilience.

Louvain’s vocals bring a bit more country to the single as she draws you into the story of the couple. There is an easy vibe to her voice that lets you breathe easy while sitting back on the beach. Her performance is all feel-good vibes, a touch of new love and a longing for something more after the summer. The chorus has a flying feeling to it that makes you want to call out with her as you roll down the road with the roof down.

Kaysha Louvain effortlessly draws you into the story of ‘Summer Lovers’ with all the happiness and heartbreak that comes with a summer affair. The single has you thinking about warm summer days on the beach as you fly to the blended soundscape and country-tinged vocals. Louvain’s storytelling ability is outstanding on the verses while she captivates on the chorus making you want to sing along.

Find out more about Kaysha Louvain on her Facebook, Instagram and Spotify.

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