Kid Souf – Tomato Potato (2021)

While love is no stranger to music, the push and pull of this emotion is not something that many songs look to capture. This is where Kid Souf comes in with his latest single ‘Tomato Potato’. Using a touch of disco and classic Philadelphia grit, he packages this into a fresh take on vintage pop.

Drawing on his own experience of love, he brings the almost cyclical nature of the emotion to life while pulling in influences that have spanned a lifetime. He started writing songs when he was 7 with a desire to be a Disney singer. While this desire has changed, the heart of his music remains with a passion for what he does and a dynamic performance personality, he has you enthralled by his sound.

‘Tomato Potato’ swirls to life with a wash of light disco synths. This is met with a really groovy thrumming tone that has your shoulders bouncing to the rhythm. You can feel the vintage vibes of the track make their way into your senses but this is tempered by an undertone of modernity. The beat that hits on the chorus, is all powerful grit and modern edges that have you smiling. This is a ridiculously catchy melody that sticks in your brain for a really long time. The bursts of colours and sounds are amazing while the electric guitar that calls from the depths adds a new edge.

It is not only the melody that is too catchy for its own good. Kid Souf’s vocals are a light flutter against your ears in the opening that pull you in like coloured mist. His voice is so smooth as he dives into the lyrics that call for some give in a relationship. His falsetto is outstanding and so natural in the overall movement of the single. When the chorus hits, the beats make you want to clap along while the vocals have you singing along. The lyrics perfectly highlight the push and pull of love with an undertone of one person in a relationship giving more than they are getting. The pain of this is enhanced by that crying electric guitar. As the melody sticks in your brain, you are going to be singing the chorus at random times after hearing it.

Kid Souf fills your ears with the push and pull of love set to a melody that is too catchy for its own good with ‘Tomato Potato’. The music masterfully mixes the personality of Kid Souf with vintage disco and modern calls. His vocals move smoothly through the soundscape rising artfully on the falsetto only to come down for the chorus that sticks in your brain.

Find out more about Kid Souf on his website, Instagram and Spotify.

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