KrizRok – Goodbye (2021)

These days most young musicians stick to what’s really popular at the moment, usually something that can be an easy route to the top. Now the most propelling genres are dance-connected which use a lot of electronic sounds and heavy production. Using their computer at home they can probably do a lot of that themselves, place it on TikTok, and off you go! Sure, rock-oriented artists like Dave Grohl and Foo Fighters are also at the top of the list, but such music has to dig a bit into what went on before and often requires a bit more instrumental skills, particularly guitars. KrizRok is somebody who certainly wants to rise to the top with his latest single ‘Goodbye’. 

Yet, instead of taking a somewhat easier route of sticking to the home electronics, he actually seems to favour that melodic rock line Grohl, his cohorts and artists like Simple Plan decided to take. After all, it should be a bit easier for him since he started playing the piano at the age of five and started his own band when he was 13. Of course, one thing leads to another, so he became quite adept as a guitarist, songwriter, as well as a producer. And he seems to have gotten quite far with all of those as can be heard on ‘Goodbye.’

You can hear that KrizRok has the ear for a good melody, the best base for this kind of music, as well as a knowledge of how to build up a song from a slow beginning into a guitar-led main chorus. His producing skills come in quite handy when he decides to bring in strings as a nice touch to the track. Yet he obviously knows when to put the accent on his strong vocals and excellent guitar skills. Last but not least, he knows that best pop songs should have a great beginning, but also a logical conclusion which doesn’t overstay its welcome. KizRok says “Goodbye” here, but we should certainly tell him “Hello”. That is probably exactly the idea he had in mind, like that song by another “a bit popular” rock band back then that could fashion a great pop song, the one that had the title of ‘Hello, Goodbye’.

For more from KrizRok check out his Facebook, Instagram and Spotify.

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