Le Fleur – Candy (2022)

If you are looking for a reason to get up and dance your heart out, Le Fleur has just what you need. Her new single ‘Candy’ blurs the lines between disco, funk, jazz and pop while getting your feet moving to her rhythm. Touching on a range of topics from societal issues to sexuality, love and lived experiences of a queer mixed-race woman, the single is much more than meets the eye.

Not only does the single blur genre lines, but it also brings old and new together for an irresistible listening experience. Packed with funky hooks and groovy vocals, the song takes you full-throttle to the dancefloor leaving you to hang on for the ride. Continuing her passionate and hard-hitting style, this single will have you loving her sound if you don’t already.

‘Candy’ fills you with the urge to hit the dancefloor from the first sound. There is a retro funk tone that perfectly mixes with some 80’s pop that has you, at the very least, bopping to the sound. It is a really infectious melody that is packed with glittering good vibes and dancing energy. If you don’t feel the urge to dance to the music, you might be dead inside. The plucky guitars have the lightest touch of jazz to their groovy flow which just makes the music so much better. The endlessly good vibes of the music lift your spirits and have you smiling at nothing.

It is not only the music that brings the dance energy to your ears as Le Fleur’s vocals shimmer with disco. Her voice sends you back in time to the heyday of disco, but there is a sliding undertone of modernity that adds unique textures to the single. The lyrics touch on many topics but there is a heavy overtone of letting go and having a good time with someone you like. Her voice has the problems of life sliding off your back and being left at the edges of the dancefloor.

Le Fleur has you dancing around to her fusion sound while leaving your troubles at the edge of the dancefloor with the sparkling tones of ‘Candy’. The music vibrates with energy and sinks into your muscles getting them dancing to the rhythm. Her vocals send you back in time to the height of disco and lifts your spirits.

Find out more about Le Fleur on her Facebook, Instagram and Spotify.

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