Leon C – A Song for My Dog (Annie I Love You) (2020)

The pure love and affection your dog has for you is something beautiful and special. This love has been carefully captured by Leon C in his warm single ‘A Song for My Dog (Annie I Love You)’. An ode to Annie, the single looks at how much she meant to his father and how much his father meant to her. An unwavering friend and companion, the single highlights how Annie was a rock of comfort against the grief of his father’s passing.

Through a stripped-back melodic arrangement, Leon C weaves the tale of Annie and fills you with emotions. Over the years, Leon C has carved out his own musical style full of modern folk sensibilities and inspiring lyrics. With this single, he inundates you with emotion while wrapping you in a blanket of sonic comfort.

‘A Song for My Dog (Annie I Love You)’ grabs you with a warm melody from the very first moment. The guitar line is an easy thread that draws you in while the harmonica adds a loose folk vibe to the melody. The stripped-back melody makes you think of warm days spent outside with your dog by your side. The flow of the music acts as a warm blanket that Leon C drapes effortlessly over your shoulders to fill you with comfort and happiness.

While you are filled with warmth and comfort, the lyrics take you through dark days. The flow of Leon C’s vocals has this vibe that is almost dreamy but with a grounding in reality. Through his performance, you are shown the comfort Annie was able to provide. It is a beautiful ode to her as he takes on the grief and anguish of the time while applying the salve of her presence.

Leon C pays tribute to the love, affection and comfort dogs provide in the darkest times with ‘A Song for My Dog (Annie I Love You)’. The stripped-back melody creates a warm blanket that wraps around you with the heartful and poignant lyrics filling you with comfort and light.

Find out more about Leon C on his website, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Spotify.

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