Liminal Age – Daydreams (2021)

Liminal Age is continuing to make the old new with their single ‘Daydreams’. As the band explore familiar places and revisit people, they wash you with rock nostalgia. Mixed into this is an electronic and upbeat vibe that will get you grooving to their sound and excited for more.

This nostalgic blast comes from Mason Paris (vocals, guitar), Annie Schutz (vocals), Colo Goco (keyboard), Quincy Linder (drums), Jack Carter (bass) and Jasper Kerr (guitar). They all come together just before the pandemic hit and have been collaborating remotely ever since. With more singles to come along with an EP mid-year, the band uses a blended soundscape to get you hooked.

‘Daydreams’ twinkles and vibrates with a light haze of nostalgia in the opening. There is a reminiscing feeling to the music that sweeps over you. The melody has a very easy vibe to it that allows the dreamy vocals to take hold of your brain. As the single progresses, the high tones that shimmer across the soundscape make you think of glinting lights off a lake. This enhances the nostalgic vibe of the music giving you a sense of places revisited where the memories of good times hit you.

The nostalgia of the melody is bolstered by the dreamy vocals that have a great edge of haziness to them. Paris and Schutz bring a layered performance as their voices blend and merge into a warm breeze against your skin. The light echo of the vocals enhances the vibe of the single making you feel that the vocals are running through your fingers as you try to grab onto them. While the single is heavy on the nostalgia front, there is also a very easy vibe to everything. You can easily sit back and let the music wash over you as you daydream in the sun.

Liminal Age fill you with nostalgia while warming you with the easy vibes of ‘Daydreams’. While the melody is washed in nostalgia, there is a warm and easy vibe to the single. The layered vocals add a haziness that runs through your fingers and sets you at ease.

Find out more about Liminal Age on their Facebook, Instagram and Spotify.

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