Littleuniverses – Corners (2020)

The last few years have been an emotional experience for all of us and it can often feel like we are alone in what we have felt. Littleuniverses opens up about her feelings, letting us know that we are not alone in our experiences, through the exploration of her EP Corners. Each track tackles a different moment of isolation in her apartment during the pandemic and conveys the thoughts and emotions that swirled through her at the time.

While a deeply personal EP, the common experience we all faced makes each track undeniably relatable. Using soft yet powerful melodics and ethereal vocals, she crosses genres to bring her emotions to life. Balancing darkness and light, the atmospheric tones of the EP are unique and captivating as they draw you into the exploration of self, emotions and circumstances.

Littleuniverses’ vocals sigh against your ears in the opening track ‘Getting By’. There is a lulling feeling to the opening vocal line that rides the opening strains of the melody. The music builds as the track progresses with a deep beat that rises into a wash of glittering tones. Through the lyrics, you connect with people you haven’t talked to for a while and see how we are all getting by. There is an interesting feel of both connection and disconnection woven into the lyrics. The sighing backing vocals add to the feelings of the track, while her main vocal line easily draws you into the story.

‘Isolation’ has a lighter feeling to the music, but there is also a twilight vibe to the sound. It is reminiscent of the late afternoon sun streaming in through the window just as night starts to fall. The acoustic guitar line meets lighter tones that pluck at the soundscape. Through the vocals, you are filled with a lethargic feeling like the world is moving forward while you are standing still. The lyrics take a dive into the darker wandering thoughts that we have all had at some point, either during lockdown or in the late hours of the night. The contemplations of the lyrics are made more powerful through the vocal performance that rises in emotive movements throughout the track.

There is a slight gothic sound to the distorted opening of ‘Broken Dreams’, that takes a seriously cinematic turn. Littleuniverses’ vocals are ethereal and dreamy as they waver through the soundscape like mist that brings a chill to your skin and floats through your fingers. The richness of the melody is intense as you sink into the plush sound that surrounds you like a cloud. While there is a heavy dreamy vibe to the music, the low levels carry a darkness that threatens to turn the dream into a nightmare. The lyrics have a poetic flow as they move from the light touch of happiness to a call to be together, before flirting with the dark edges of broken dreams.

The EP comes to a close with ‘Before It Begins’ and the strummed tones of the melody. There is an earthy feeling to the guitar line that brings a sliver of hope with it. The vocals continue the almost dreamy vibes of the last track, but are grounded by the guitar line. While there is a touch of hope in the melody, there is also a resignation within the vocals to the situation. The lyrics acknowledge that things are still looking dim, but this is wonderfully tempered with the understanding that it will not stay this way forever. The French vocals are a beautiful addition and bring a more personal touch to the track.

Littleuniverses delves into her lockdown thoughts and emotions through the relatable, atmospheric and emotive tones of Corners. Each track has a completely different feeling as they journey through connections, feeling disconnected, dreams and the glimmer of hope. Her vocals are ethereal and dreamy, while bringing the thoughts and emotions of the tracks to life beautifully.

Find out more about Littleuniverses on her website, Instagram and Spotify.

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